Wednesday, March 25, 2009

So I finally decided to get a new computer. I spend a lot of time on and they posted a deal on a Dell Mini 9. They were $180 for the basic Mini with Ubuntu Linux installed. I decided that I needed a few extras installed. I chose the 16 GB hard drive instead of the 8 GB for a very specific reason I'll get to later. I also went with the integrated 1.3 MP webcam so Sarah and I can chat while I'm on the road. I also had Bluetooth installed so I can use a Bluetooth mouse without having to use a usb dongle.

Now on to the good stuff. Ever since Apple switched to Intel processors people have been putting OS X on formerly windows computers. Apparently the Mini 9 is the best netbook for doing this. Everything works right out of the box. You just install OS X and the webcam works, wifi works, the microphone works. Everything just works. I've never really messed around with OS X but I'm seriously considering doing this. The reason for the 16GB is because OS X just barely fits on and 8GB so if I ever decide to do this it'll be much easier.

If I decide not to put OS X on it I have a copy of Windows XP floating around that I will use instead. It will take around 3 weeks to get my netbook. Hopefully it gets here before I go to GMA and California.

I got in trouble for not mentioning that this is my birthday present. Thanks a bunch Sarah. I love you!!